• How do you deter thieves inside the house?

    Hide Valuables in Plain Sight in Diversion Safes

    Home security is often about keeping threats out. Most households install door alarms to hinder burglars and housebreakers, but how about the attackers and thieves who are already inside? Motion detector alarms, spy cameras and hidden diversion safes should be among your home protection devices.

    Your housekeeper, home office assistant or kid’s nanny could be stealing from you. It is counterproductive if you limit their movements, so hide your precious things under their noses instead. Use safes disguised as peanut butter jars, carpet deodorizers and brake cleaners.

    Not many people know what a diversion safe is. Those who do can’t tell the safes apart from what they are imitating. A Dr. Pepper or Coca-Cola can safe looks no different than the real thing, except can safes are rigged with a removable bottom leading to a secret compartment. It will fit your money and jewelry nicely.

    These secret safes divert thieves’ attention away by resembling commonplace objects like food, drinks, cleaning solutions, decor or personal effects. Thieves are hardwired to look only inside the usual hiding places, like remote or sock drawers. Some safes, like hairbrushes and thermometers, do not even appear to be containers.

    Put a Coffee Mate Creamer Diversion Safe in the cupboard, or a Scotchgard Diversion Safe in a sink cabinet. These covert safes are weighted in case someone lifts them up, and they are most effective when buried among similar items. Conceal heirlooms, credit cards or thumb drives inside.

    A Book Safe is a real book, with real pages that were hollowed out in the center to make room for some storage space. Put a few on a bookshelf, and one in your bag. A JB Oil or Liquid Wrench Diversion Safe can stay in the garage or your vehicle.

    By reselling diversion safes to earn extra, you also help others protect their valuables. Outside the home or inside, hide your stuff cleverly because thieves are not always total strangers.

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